Born: December 3, 1980
Hometown: Greensburg, IN
Residence: Columbus, OH
Occupation: Dentist
Racing since: About 2009 is when I've been consistent
Strengths on the course: Bike-run
Favorite race: Eagleman and Kona
Favorite pre-race meal: Peanut butter and jelly
Favorite post-race meal: Tacos, burgers, pizza
Pre-race music: Foo Fighters, Rise Against, about anything that's loud and fast
Accomplishments: 3x Kona qualifier
PRs: Oly 1:51, 70.3--4:08, IM--Kona 9:23
Long-term goals: Obviously I want to get faster and put together a great race. I'd love to run a BQ time in an IM. 1st OA amatuer at an IM or big 70.3 race
I ride a Dimond because...
I want the fastest bike out there and it doesn't hurt that it's made in the USA.
Family status: Single; basically being the coolest uncle out there; I have a 5 year old Vizsla named Wally.
Hobbies outside triathlon: Cooking/baking, woodworking, been trying to learn the guitar
Favorite sports teams: Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos; I'm more a Peyton fan; I love watching Durant and LeBron.
Next off the bucket list: Travel to all 7 continents and fill up all the pages in my passport. I'm looking to cross off South America early next year.
Blog/twitter/website: @wallymeer