Nickname: “Critter”
Date of Birth: July 5th, 1978
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Residence: Seattle
Occupation: Physical Therapist and Performance Coach
Racing since: 2009
Strengths on the course: Bike and Run
Favorite race: Ironman Canada - Whistler
Favorite pre-race meal: Kozy Shack Rice Pudding
Favorite post-race meal: Anything that I can stomach
Favorite post-race beverage: 1 beer and Tart Cherry Juice
Pre-race music: None
Accomplishments: Two time Kona Qualifier, 4th AG Ironman Couer d Alene 2013, 1st place AG Ironman Canada 2014, 7th place place AG Poconos 2012
PRs: IM CdA – 9:35
Long-term goals: Sub 9:30 in Kona and top 5 among amateurs in my next 70.3 or Ironman outside of Kona
I ride a Dimond because... it’s simply the fastest bike I’ve ever ridden and its appearance gives you a psychological advantage.
Family status: Married
Hobbies outside triathlon: Writing
Favorite sports teams: Pittsburgh Steelers