eric hinman bike

Born: 8/2/80
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Residence: Syracuse, NY
Occupation: Partner, Urban Life Athletics, Urban Life CrossFit, + Urban Life Spin.
Racing since: 2010
Strengths on the course: Bike + Run
Favorite race: Ironman Lake Placid
Favorite pre-race meal: Salmon + Sweet Potatoes
Favorite post-race meal: Italian (Baked Ziti w/ meatballs)
Favorite post-race beverage: Banana smoothie w/ peanut butter or almond butter.
Pre-race music: Eminem, Survive
Accomplishments: 1st AG and 3rd overall at Raleigh 70.3, 2nd AG Syracuse 70.3, 4th AG at Texas 70.3, 5th AG at Ironman Lake Placid
PRs: 4:08 – Texas 70.3. 9:40 – IM Lake Placid
Long-term goals: Kona Qualify each year.
I ride a Dimond because... fast, comfortable, fits well, unique
Family status: Single
Hobbies outside of triathlon: Business. No time for anything else!
Favorite sports teams: Syracuse Orange
Next off the bucket list: Explore the world - travel to: Italy, France, England, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Dubai. Build a national fitness brand.
@erichinman – Twitter and Instagram