Eric Limkemann

Eric Limkemann, triathlete, riding Dimond bike

Nickname: Link

Date of Birth: 12/31/81

Hometown: New Haven, IN

Residence: Richmond, VA

Occupation: Professional Triathlete & Coach

Racing (triathlon) since: 2005

Strengths on the course: Swim/Bike

Favorite race: Whatever is next on the schedule

Favorite pre­race meal: Pizza

Favorite post­race meal: CBurger(s) and beer(s)

Favorite post­race beverage: First Endurance Ultragen

Pre­race music: Hip Hop or Heavy Metal


  • 2007 USAT Rookie of the Year
  • 2013-14 Rev3 Series Champion
  • 5 professional wins
  • 13 professional podiums


  • Oly: 1:47.56
  • Half: 3:47.27
  • Full: 8:25.25

Long­term goals: Break 8 hours over the IM distance.

I ride a Dimond because… I want the fastest bike avaialbe to maximize my advantage going into T2. Simple.

Family status: Married with a one year old daughter, Sidney.

Hobbies outside triathlon: Currently, my daughter.

Favorite sports teams: Pitt Panthers, my alma mater.

Next off the (personal, not athletic) bucket list: Take my daughter to Disney World.

Blog/twitter/website:­ / @EricLimkemann