Jan Vobecky Dimond

Nickname: Hans
Born: April 28, 1980
Hometown: Lafayette, NJ
Residence: SF Bay Area, CA
Occupation: Physician
Racing since: 2009
Strengths on the course: The bike
Favorite race: The Big Kahuna Half-Ironman, Santa Cruz CA. Swimming with great whites, riding on coastal Highway 1, then running along seaside cliffs!!!! Doesn’t get better than that!
Favorite pre-race meal: Anything that sits well
Favorite post-race meal: Watermelon
Favorite post-race beverage: Water
Pre-race music: Infinity by Guru Josh Project pumps me up every time
PRs: Ironman - 9:25, 70.3 - 4:24, Olympic - 2:05
Long-term goals: Go Sub 9 in an Ironman
I ride a Dimond because...
1) It’s the fastest bike out there. Check out the wind tunnel data!
2) It’s hand built in the USA! The Dimond/Ruster team is a family-like company focused on high quality products and excellent customer service.
3) Comfort and handling are the best I have ever experienced on a TT bike
4) It’s sexy
5) Travels easy. Comes apart at the beam making it ridiculous easy to pack in the Hen House
Family status: Married to a wonderful lady who got me into this crazy endurance stuff
Hobbies outside triathlon: Reading, cooking, surfing
Favorite sports teams: SF Giants
Blog/twitter/website: http://mdracer.blogspot.com