Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas, triathlete, riding Dimond bike

Nickname: JT Cash Money. Just kidding, I don’t really have a nickname. Maybe “Aviator” or “Dork with Aviators On.”

Date of Birth: 1Feb 29, 1980. Leap day!

Hometown: Bend, OR

Residence: Bend, OR

Occupation: Pro Triathlete & CEO / Co-founder of Picky Bars, Inc.

Racing (triathlon) since: First year 2007, two year break, 2010 started for reals.

Strengths on the course: Bike and Run

Favorite race: Wildflower

Favorite pre­race meal: Oatmeal and Picky Bar

Favorite post­race meal: Fish and chips

Favorite post­race beverage: Beer

Pre­race music: Changes every race, but usually upbeat indie/alternative.

Accomplishments: Dad, Husband, Business Owner, 5x Wildflower Champion, 2x 70.3
Champion, most popular Triathlete Magazine columnist.

PRs: I think 2:03 half bike, 1:10 half run, 3:47 half IM. 3:58 Wildflower (3rd fastest ever)

Long­term goals: Be a great dad and husband. Build a business that matters to my community and people are stoked to be a part of. Inspire/encourage people to chase their dreams and have fun while doing so.

I ride a Dimond because… It’s super fast and the guys behind it are cool dudes. I’ve been amazed at my splits since shifting to this bike, which just solidifies the feeling I got when I went to Des Moines to see the unassuming HQ and meet the guys behind it. It’s a great group that appeals to my love of hard working startups. Plus they make an amazing product that will only get better with continued innovation.

Family status: Married

Hobbies outside triathlon: Oh man, not much time for that. Pretty much a dad. If I do get a glimpse of free time, I watch a TV show or a movie!

Favorite sports teams: Oregon Ducks football, Cleveland Cavs basketball.

Next off the (personal, not athletic) bucket list: Camping with my family!

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