Jordan Rapp

Jordan Rapp, triathlete, riding Dimond bike

Nickname: Rappstar

Date of Birth: 1980/­07/­28

Hometown: Scarborough, NY

Residence: Thousand Oaks, CA

Occupation: Wikipedia

Racing (triathlon) since: 2003

Strengths on the course: Bike. Suffering.

Favorite race: Ironman Arizona

Favorite pre­race meal: Chipotle

Favorite post­race meal: BBQ

Favorite post­race beverage: Water

Pre­race music: None

Accomplishments: ITU Long Distance World Champion 2011, 5x Ironman Champ (Texas & US Champs ­ 2012, Canada ­ 2011 & 2009, Arizona ­ 2009), 2x Leadman 250 Champ (Vegas 2011 & Bend 2012)

PRs: Ironman ­ 8:03. Not sure of the rest. Times don’t mean too much in triathlon.

Long­term goals: Win a bunch more stuff.

I ride a Dimond because… it is how an engineer would make a bike if he didn’t have to follow any rules.

Family status: married with three kids ­ Quentin, Ellie & Vanessa

Hobbies outside triathlon: I do not understand this question.

Favorite sports teams: Jesse Thomas & Matt Lieto.

Next off the (personal, not athletic) bucket list: hike the Pacific Crest Trail with my son someday.

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