Maik Twelsiek

Maik Twelsiek, triathlete, riding Dimond bike

Nicknames: GCM or Cat

Date of Birth: 12 / 25 / 1980

Hometown: Vlotho – Exter

Residence: Tucson, Arizona

Occupation: Professional Triathlete

Racing since: 1999, Ironman races since 2006 (IM South Africa)

Strengths on the course: Bike

Favorite race: Ironman Hawaii

Favorite pre-race meal: Pasta with Pesto and some chocolate for desert

Favorite post-race meal: Pizza

Favorite post-race beverage: Sprite, later a beer

Pre-race music: Not the guy who is walking around before the race with hear phones on

Accomplishments: 3 x Ironman Champ ( IM Wisconsin 2007 and 2013; IM Lake Placid 09), 2 x Second off the bike in Kona behind Chris Lieto (2009 and 2010)

PRs: 8:11:36 IM Austria 2013

Long-term goals: Learn to run and hope that would bring my game up….

I ride a Dimond because… I have no time to lose. Want to be competitive out there on race day and get the 180 km done as fast as possible. Think there is no fast way to do it. A very nice side effect is as well that the Diamond helps me to reach my running goal as I am getting off my bike way more relaxed than I have ever gotten!

Family status: Married

Hobbies outside triathlon: I like to cook, spend time with puppies, watch movies and to drink / make coffee.

Favorite sports teams: Borussia Dortmund (soccer GER)

Next off the bucket list: Clean the backyard.

Blog/twitter/website: @maiktwelsiek