Scott Chaney


Nickname: Scott
Date of Birth: June 8 1972
Hometown: Hagerstown, MD
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Triathlon coach - Volt Multisports/Lawyer
Racing since: 2007
Strengths on the course: Swim/run
Favorite race: Kona
Favorite pre-race meal: Plain Jane whole wheat pasta
Favorite post-race meal: Pizza + ice cream
Favorite post-race beverage: Foofy drinks
Pre-race music: Up tempo!
Accomplishments: 3 time Kona qualifier, 19th in the AG Kona 2013, Vineman 70.3 AG winner, LA Triathlon Series overall winner 2010, coaches some super fast, super cool triathletes
PRs: IM - 9:12; 70.3 - 4:16, Marathon - 2:41
Long-term goals: Crack the top 10 in my AG at Kona; Win my AG at an IM
I ride a Dimond because... my bike split needs to be faster and it looks super cool!
Family status: Single
Hobbies outside triathlon: Coaching, travel, horse racing, theater, home improvement
Favorite sports teams: Baltimore Orioles
Next off the bucket list: Write a book