The Hen House bike case was developed to avoid airline fees by meeting dimensional requirements for standard luggage. Every Hen House is truly an investment - it is the only bike case that offers a monetary return each time you fly. Our cases stand up to abuse because they are manufactured with an abrasive-resistant MIL-SPEC Cordura shell, thick industrial grade impact-absorbing padding, and a tough diamond ripstop lining. Every Hen House comes standard with foam tube protectors, straps, and all the accessories to securely pack your bike for airline travel.


The original Hen House was developed in 2009 by professional triathlete TJ Tollakson. TJ travels with his bike over 15 times per year, and if he were to travel with his bike in a traditional bike box ($100 each way), he would end up paying over $3000 in bike fees alone. The Hen House was developed to fit within the 62 linear inch requirement for standard luggage on all major airlines. Both the frame and wheel bag offer a significant amount of extra space to pack in gear, clothing and other travel needs.

Following the initial success of the Hen House, the Armored Hen House was introduced in 2012 offering even greater value to the consumer. A high density polyethylene armor lines the walls while wheels and a pull handle make transporting the case through airports a breeze. Most importantly, the Armored Hen House still meets the dimensional requirements for standard checked luggage.


Every bag starts from rolls of fabric which are carefully hand-cut by our two master seamstresses. Every stitch on our industrial sewing machines uses high-strength thread, ensuring every bag off the line meets our stringent quality standards. Every Hen House gets packed and shipped by a member of our team, when it begins its life of savings and convenience as soon as your order is received.