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Product Description

The Armored Hen House is the latest bike case from Ruster Sports. The hybrid hard case features a lining of high density polyethylene armor in the walls for incredible protection. The Armored Hen House makes traveling with your bike even easier with the addition of luggage wheels and a pull handle. But what makes the Armored Hen House case revolutionary is that it meets the dimensional requirements for standard checked luggage – which means you save money every time you fly with it.

The frame and wheel bags fit nicely on the conveyer belt and will come out with regular checked luggage upon arrival at your destination. Special handling is not required for the Armored Hen House, helping you avoid excess luggage fees.

The frame bag holds the complete bicycle frame with handlebars and fork removed. The interior pocket of the frame bag accommodates pedals, seat post, saddle, and other small accessories. The Armored Hen House will accommodate most bikes (XS-L), but will not fit some bikes with an integrated seat post. XL frame sizes will typically fit in the Armored Hen House with the removal of the crank.

The Armored Hen House is compatible with most triathlon, road and mountain bikes. Watch the packing instructional video or download the instruction manual for more details.

Additional Information

Package Includes

1x frame bag, 1x wheel bag, 3x plastic inserts, 1x wheel divider, 2x pieces of pipe insulation, 1x axle skewer, 1x derailleur bag, 10x Velcro straps, 1x fork protector, 2x wheel blocks, 1x instruction booklet

Travel Case Materials

1000 denier ballistic nylon, 400 denier x 300 denier diamond ripstop, T138 industrial grade threading, 3/8″ cross linked polyethylene foam, Pet collar webbing, YKK zippers, 1/8″ high density polyethylene, 1/8″ ABS plastic, Luggage wheels

Empty Weight

Frame Bag = 13lbs, Wheel Bag = 9lbs


Verify compatibility between your bike and the Hen House with two simple measurements.

1. Distance between the bottom of the chainring to the top of the seat tube may not exceed 66cm 2. Direct distance between the rear dropout and the top of the head tube may not exceed 117cm

13 reviews for Armored Hen House

  1. 5 out of 5


    This case is the real deal!! The construction of the bag is incredible. I was able to pack lots of my vacation cloths in it also. Used it on my trip to Colorado and no questions asked, even at a small airport terminal. Where every bag was check by an airline employee. It’s passed the test for me. It will pay it’s self of very soon!

  2. 2 out of 5


    This is my fourth bike case in the last 10 years. I hoped I had found Nirvana but I am still looking. At first it was hopeful. Easy to pack (if you have a bit of mechanical skill) and fairly lightweight. It was actually easier packing the bike in the AHH than a Serfas hard shell but nowhere near as easy as a Pika. The case is well designed and appeared to be durable.
    First trip revealed a couple of flaws. The wheelbase is too narrow to support the wheelbag clipped on top like in the videos … the whole mess kept toppling over (remember I have a big bike so the top of the bike bag is not level as I am sure it is when TJ packs his). Result – carry wheels and pull bike. Solution – these guys sent me a shoulder strap when fixing problem 2 and I was grateful – led me to believe that warranty service/longevity would be 5 star.
    Problem 2 – it wasn’t. After the first trip the carry straps started to come apart from the bag. While they fixed the problem (and incorporated this into their new design with rivets) I still had to pay shipping both ways so the cost of my bag was now $700 instead of the $625 plus shipping I paid to buy it … because of a defect that became apparent in the first trip. I was not happy but what can you do. This led to problem 3
    Problem 3 – they don’t love me anymore! Upon receipt of the AHH from repair I noticed that Ruster had punched a nickel sized hole in the bag just above the repair site. I contacted them and was told that it shouldn’t affect the use of the bag and if it did we could get it fixed later and they would pick up shipping. While disappointed, I had another trip so I went with it. The hole never got any bigger and my next two trips went as planned – with no fees at all on SW airlines so at this point I am $400 to the good (note: when flying SW take a copy of their baggage policy and a printout of the picture showing how the bag is measured and you will avoid to much hassle). After these trips I was done for the year so I emailed Ethan to send the bag back to have the hole they made repaired. Twice … NO RESPONSE.

    So the good is that it works as advertised. It isn’t perfect but it gets the job done. For the price you have a lot of options but I needed a bag for all my bikes and this seemed like a good choice. The bad is that customer service is weak (paying for shipping both ways on a clear manufacturing defect AND then not having them immediately repair damage that they caused was kind of ridiculous). Durability is VERY suspect – I had a Pika for 3 years and 10 trips and had 0 problems – just didn’t fit my bigger bikes and couldn’t avoid the bike charge on airlines.
    Funny how if they had either replaced or immediately repaired the bag the second time and not charged me shipping this would be a 4 or 5 AND I would sing its praises at races. Now when I use it I launch into a 5 minute discussion of “Well it could be great except …”
    Normally I wouldn’t air my laundry but given the refusal to respond to my last two emails over the course of several months indicates to me that they are not interested in actually fixing my bag and so I am stuck with the problem they created and that is a shame.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have taken my bike on two trips now, so basically the case has paid for itself. I am a 60 year old woman with very few mechanical skills, but I was able to break down my bike and put it together with no problems after watching a Youtube video. I have to confess that after the first trip (DFW to Toronto), I did not take the pedals or the rear derailleur off for the return or on the subsequent trip (DFW to Arizona and back.) The bike arrived in perfect condition. No problems at all with American Airlines. I love being able to take the bike with me and not have to use a transport service that leaves me without a bike for several days on both ends of the trip.

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